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Legal firm arranges maintenance visit before work from home directives change

Prior to a well-known solicitors in London requesting that staff return to the office following an easing of Covid restrictions, the facilities manager responsible for the building suggested that all air conditioning systems be serviced while building occupancy was low.

Due to the premises effectively lying empty for the best part of 18 months, the air conditioning equipment had not been used at all during this period. Our client considered it in their employees’ best interests to ensure that air within the building was as clean as possible, hence the need for our involvement! read more

Andrews provides new day nursery with all-encompassing HVAC system

The Prime Minister was invited to cut the ribbons at the Monkey Puzzle nursery in West London last month – but not before Andrews Air Conditioning & Refrigeration had completed their part in getting the premises ready to welcome children from across the capital.

The proprietors were originally seeking a permanent heating and cooling arrangement and had contacted us after being made aware of our longstanding association with Charlton Athletic Football Club.

With Covid-19 forcing many businesses to consider how they could reduce the likelihood of airborne virus transmission, our client emphasised a desire to take precautions by requesting equipment that would constantly deliver air changes. read more

Andrews provide air conditioning for popular London bakery

When a popular bakery in London was experiencing extremely high temperatures in their kitchen and café they contacted Andrews Air Conditioning in search of an effective cooling solution to help restore desirable temperatures.

The client in question was struggling to create their unique pastries and bread due to excessive heat within their facility. As a result, our specialists were drafted in immediately to provide the client with a permanent climate control solution to avoid any further complications for the bakery. read more

Andrews Air Conditioning & Refrigeration open new modern offices in Manchester

We are very pleased to announce the opening of a new modern office facility in Gatley, Manchester, following a period of growth for the company. The relocation provides us with a fantastic operational base from which to coordinate all business activity, and is funded by significant investment as we accommodate a growing demand for our services.

The offices have been carefully designed to enable our sales and service teams to work even more closely, aided by substantial upgrades of both our IT equipment and telephony. Home to Andrews Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, the building will also act as a contact centre and major accounts hub for Andrews Sykes Hire. read more

Andrews provide a modern alternative to aged R22 cooling system

The introduction of the Ozone Regulation in 2009 paved the way for a gradual shift away from air conditioning units that use refrigerant gas and other ozone depleting substances. This has since led to a widespread need for replacement systems to be sourced as businesses strive to comply with legislation.

So when one of our major clients based in central London decided to upgrade its cooling equipment to a more environmentally-friendly substitute, they approached us regarding a solution. At the same time, our customer’s premises were undergoing a renovation which involved being taken back to its original design – an open plan layout. read more

Aviation services request refrigeration upgrade

As one of the UK’s leading providers of air conditioning and refrigeration services, our staff are used to working on even the most obscure applications. This was recently demonstrated when a specialist airport in Cambridgeshire sought replacement equipment after reporting the breakdown of its existing freezers.

Per industry requirements, aviation components are frequently tested at low temperatures – often us cold as -26°C – in order to establish whether any problems occur over a set period of time. read more

Andrews Air Conditioning help preserve systems across the North East

As the UK’s number one provider of fixed air conditioning systems, we are exceptionally well-placed to oversee the upkeep of your equipment and ensure it continues to operate at full capacity. Maintenance is an essential requirement when owning permanent units, and if this is not conducted regularly then companies are likely to encounter difficulties sooner or later.

We were recently responsible for assessing the air conditioning in more than 350 sites across Scotland and the North East. A four-man service team visited each location within an eight week period, providing detailed reports on the functionality of every single system. read more

Andrews Air Conditioning & Refrigeration cool NHS patient

As part of the NHS’s plan to manage patients with complex needs, team meetings are held and attended by all parties involved in the care itself. This allows GPs, nurses, specialists and parents to discuss requirements and make plans to accommodate these in the future.

The consultations were used as an opportunity to discuss the situation of one particular patient in Wolverhampton, whose disrupted sleeping pattern had become increasingly detrimental. It was identified that he had taken to sleeping on the sofa every night because the constant use of an oxygen concentrator upstairs had generated a considerable amount of heat. read more

New vans mark recent development

The continued growth of Andrews Air Conditioning & Refrigeration has brought about the need for more vehicles across our nationwide fleet. In order to accommodate increased demand for our services, the company has recently taken delivery of four brand new Vauxhall Vivaro Field Service vehicles.

With a prolonged period of hot weather imminent as summer approaches, our skilled technicians are expected to be very busy maintaining and repairing fixed air conditioning systems all over the UK.

Andrews Vans 2

In order to accommodate an intensified period of business, we have moved to further streamline our service by acquiring these additional state-of-the-art vehicles. Complete with satellite tracking devices, we are able to monitor their whereabouts at all times which helps us calculate response times and engineer productivity. read more