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Almost all the air conditioning equipment installed by the team at Andrews Air Conditioning Services incorporates the latest heat pump “air to air” technology, effectively reversing the refrigeration cycle, producing and distributing heat indoors using energy obtained from the environment.

Heat pump technology is highly energy-efficient and extremely reliable. Gas burners and electric heating elements are dispensed with and whereas in traditional heating equipment, efficiency ratios of 90%-95% are considered excellent, with heat-pumps at least 3kW of heat energy is produced for every 1kW of electrical energy’s used, making them over 300% efficient. In some applications, carbon emissions and fuel costs can be reduced by 50%.

Our air-to-air heat pumps extract “free energy” from the atmosphere, making them highly cost-effective as well as environmentally friendly.

Low pressure, cold refrigerant is passed through the external heat exchanger at the same time that ambient outdoor air is blown over the coil and fins of the heat exchanger. The refrigerant absorbs energy and heat from the air, heating it up. This technology can provide heat even on the very coldest of days because the very low temperature of the refrigerant is virtually always colder than the external environment. This enables the equipment to extract “free” energy from the ambient air even on freezing winter days.

Once the refrigerant has been warmed, it is passed through the compressor where it heats up further to become a hot liquid. It is pumped through the pipework to the internal unit, where it passes through another heat exchanger. Internal room air is blown over the exchanger, heated by the hot refrigerant and returned to the space to provide energy-efficient heating.

The refrigerant, having given up most of its heat energy, is pumped through to the expansion valve. This decompresses the refrigerant, cooling it quickly and effectively. The cold refrigerant is then pumped back to the external heat exchanger where it can begin the circuit again.

The system uses electrical energy only to power the compressor and heater exchanger fans. The main energy source, the ambient air, is cost- free ensuring that heat pump technology is incredibly energy-efficient, delivering at least three times more energy than is used. Heat pumps are therefore defined as a “renewable” energy source.

Air conditioning systems that incorporate heat pump air-to-air technology can provide occupants with a comfortable environment whatever the external temperature. Not only that, but they also reduce the need for additional heating systems, including radiators, boilers and panel heaters. Heat pump equipment is available for use in a range of applications, including air-to-water, producing hot water for sanitary and wet-system heating applications.

Learn more about how air conditioning and heat pump technology works by contacting Andrews Air Conditioning Services today.

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