Cutting Your Costs

No longer is air conditioning a luxurious extravagance. With unpredictable winters and hotter summers, plus ever-increasing amounts of temperature-sensitive technologies, it is fast becoming an essential component of many home, business and leisure spaces.

Perhaps you believe that your business cannot afford to invest in air conditioning. Perhaps you should think again.

The team at Andrews Air Conditioning provides a range of affordable air conditioning options with a number of schemes and financial incentives designed to make air conditioning highly cost-effective.

Lease options

We offer a range of bespoke lease-purchase options, enabling you to spread the costs of air conditioning across a payment period to suit you (usually 3-5 years). Hassle-free, our lease packages enable businesses of all sizes to enjoy all of the benefits of air conditioning at an affordable price. When the payment period comes to an end, ownership will be transferred to you.

Tax deductible

The ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowances) Scheme is a financial incentive designed to allow businesses to offset 100% of the costs of installing a new energy-efficient system against their taxable profits within the first year. This includes not only the installation, but also the commissioning, design, equipment and labour charges associated with installing the system. All businesses can apply for ECA, whatever the location, size or sector. To learn more, visit

Energy savings

Andrews Air Conditioning supplies environmentally- responsible, energy-efficient equipment, using inverter-controlled technology. These modern systems are up to 40% more efficient than their older counterparts and a new system can often pay for itself within just three years through significant energy savings.

Cooling, heating and purifying

Andrews Air Conditioning installations provide more than just cooling, including heating, air filtration, humidity control and air purification. One system can provide everything you need, saving you money in terms of both energy and maintenance costs.

For more information about affordable air conditioning options, please contact the friendly team at Andrews Air Conditioning today.

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