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Air handling units are used to control and condition the air movement throughout a building - circulating air as part of a ventilating and air-conditioning system. Our air handling units allow you to keep on top of your energy usage as they use re-conditioned air to either heat the air - by a recovery unit or heating coil - or cool the air by a cooling coil. With the correct air handling equipment in place, less electricity will be expended without sacrificing even a small degree of comfort.

Our heat recovery ventilation systems extract and supply fresh air throughout a property without the loss of heat – recovering a high percentage of heat that would have otherwise been lost through the ventilation process. The heat from the extracted stale air is recovered via a heat exchanger inside the heat recovery unit, which is then re-used to provide fresh filtered air supplied for a more comfortable environment.

Our ducted ventilation units are often the most practical choice when it comes to cooling or heating large areas. In most ducted ventilation installations, both the internal fan coil unit and the duct work are hidden above a suspended ceiling or roof space so all that is visible from within the room are discreet grilles. These discreet ceiling diffusers are engineered to provide a perfectly balanced air flow in all types of applications, while freeing up wall and floor space - making them ideal for all spaces because they blend in seamlessly with any interior.

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