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Your air conditoning system is a big investment. Understandably, you’ll want to look after it so that it keeps running smoothly, efficiently and reliably throughout its life. That’s why Andrews Air Conditioning provides a range of additional services for air conditioning to help keep your installation running to the very best of its capabilities, saving you time, money and energy. Some of the air conditioning extras that we provide include:

  • Enhanced security devices for your peace of mind
  • Energy-efficiency improvements to save you money and help the environment
  • Technical and legal compliance services to reduce your paperwork hassles

These added extras combine to create Andrews Additions, a range of services, products and technical enhancements. For more information, please feel free to download the Andrews Additions brochure.

Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA)

The ECA scheme allows businesses to offset 100% of the costs of installing new, energy-efficient, environmentally-responsible air conditioning against the company’s total taxable profits within the first 12 months following installation. Dependent upon the corporation tax rate paid, this scheme could result in at least a 20% reduction in overall costs, which applies to each stage of the installation, including design and commissioning. All businesses are eligible for ECA, no matter what the sector, size or location. For additional information, please visit

'Replacement Technology' Air Conditioning

Replacing an air conditioning installation could result in a huge amount of upheaval for the occupants of the building, disrupting and disturbing those who use the space. Whilst the new system is being installed, it can also mean that the occupants go without heating or cooling for extended periods of time.

One of the additional services that Andrews Air Conditioning provides involves a technical innovation called ‘Replacement Technology’. This technology enables us to replace the air conditioning installation with significantly less disruption to the occupants of the building, and without disturbing the floor, ceiling or wall finishes. This method retains the existing refrigerant pipework, which makes the installation cleaner, faster and more cost-effective, too. To find out whether your system can be updated using Replacement Technology call us today to book a free site survey.

Security Cages for Condenser Units

The value of copper has dramatically increased over the last few years, which means that the scrap value of any objects that contain copper has increased too. Air conditioning systems as well as the associated pipework contain a lot of copper, which can make them vulnerable to theft and vandalism. If your equipment is targeted by thieves, replacing the system, refrigerant and equipment could cost a fortune, not to mention the potential disruption to your business and those occupying the building.

Andrews Air Conditioning provides a range of security cages which are manufactured from high-strength, durable steel to create a barrier around any external equipment. These cages can either be retro-fitted to systems already in place or fitted alongside new equipment to effectively protect your system from vandals and thieves.

Low Copper Piping

Pipework that contains low levels of copper is relatively unattractive to vandals and thieves as it has only a minimal scrap metal value. Innovations in metalwork means that alloy pipework with low levels of copper, capable of withstanding the extreme temperatures and pressures associated with modern air conditioning installations, can be used in place of traditional pure copper pipework. Low copper pipework can be retro-fitted, or fitted alongside new equipment, dependent upon a site survey.

Damage Protection for Pipework

The pipework associated with an external condenser unit is usually made from copper, making it vulnerable to thieves. Andrews Air Conditioning can provide advice on re-routing piping so that it is out of direct sight, or up at a high level. In the event that copper pipework cannot be hidden, Andrews can fit covers to the pipework. These steel protection covers encase the copper pipework, making the theft of the valuable copper pipes laboriously slow and unattractive to for would-be thieves.

Thermal Insulation

When pipework insulation is weathered following sun exposure or damaged by vermin, the efficiency of heat energy transfer between the external and interior units of the air conditioning system can be negatively impacted. When insulation is damaged or degraded, the effectiveness and energy-efficiency of the unit is impaired. Luckily, replacing damaged or degraded thermal insulation is relatively quick, cost-effective and non-disruptive and can drastically improve the efficiency and performance of the system.

Theft Alarms

Another of the additional services for air conditioning that we provide is a range of anti-tamper alarms that can send an alert if the system has been tampered with or damaged. These alarms are highly sensitive and can alert you to a reduction in refrigerant pressure or if the power to the unit is disconnected, providing an audible alarm and/or send a message via email or SMS text. These alarms can be retro-fitted or fitted to new equipment.

Motion Sensors

Air conditioning equipment, now an essential component of many office, home and leisure spaces, can account for up to 30% of the energy usage of the building. Increasingly, our customers are seeking to learn how to reduce their CO2 footprint and save energy whilst still enjoying all of the benefits of air conditioning.

Andrews Air Conditioning has a solution. We offer passive infra-red (also known as PIR) motion sensors with our installations. These sensors work by turning off the system if no movement is detected within the room for a pre-specified amount of time. When the sensor detects movement, power to the system is restored and the air conditioning unit switches back on. Window sensors can also be linked to the system, switching off the air conditioning and preventing operation when windows are open. Motion sensors and window sensors can provide significant savings when used in spaces with intermittent occupation such as meeting rooms, classrooms or hotel guestrooms, and can often pay for themselves in less than a year.

F Gas Compliance

F gases are fluorinated gases that include HCFCs, HFCs and CFCs used in refrigeration applications and equipment, including air conditioning. Certain F gases are known to deplete the ozone layer, whilst others directly contribute to greenhouse gases associated with global warming.

EU legislation has been enacted in order to limit the use of these gases, controlling how much F gas is released into the Earth’s atmosphere in an effort to protect the ozone layer. Legally, air conditioning installations that contain more than 3kg of an F gas refrigerant should be serviced once a year (or quarterly if the system contains more than 30kg of F gas), checked for leaks and damage by a contractor such as Andrews which has been specifically certified to work with F gases.

For more information about F Gas Regulations, click here.

Owners of any refrigeration or air conditioning equipment that uses or contains HFCs should, according to the legislation,

  • Use qualified, specialist and appropriately trained contractors to repair, maintain, dispose of and service refrigerants and equipment
  • Use any and all measures to help prevent refrigerant leaks
  • Repair leaks as soon as they have been detected
  • Recover refrigerant as necessary

Owners of equipment or systems that contain 3kg or more of an F gas refrigerant are under additional obligations, which include:

  • Conducting regular, scheduled testing (annually, bi-annually or quarterly if a system contains 30kg or more of refrigerant) by qualified and certified contractors with the intention of identifying leaks
  • Maintaining the appropriate records, detailing the date of each leak check along with the results, the quantity and type of each refrigerant used, the quantity and type of each refrigerant which has been disposed of, recovered from or added to the system and the identity and details of the company and contractor who carried out the maintenance or service

Andrews Air Conditioning is approved and accredited by agencies including DEFRA and REFCOM to carry out F gas testing. If necessary, annual F gas checks can easily be incorporated into a Planned Maintenance Contract.

Energy Efficiency Inspections

According to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, any air conditioning unit over 12kW in capacity should be inspected at least every five years by an accredited and qualified inspector. These inspections are necessary for ensuring that the system is suitable for use and is running efficiently and smoothly. Andrews Air Conditioning can offer advice on when inspections should be carried out and can also arrange for the inspection to be completed by one of our accredited and fully qualified inspection partners.

For more information about the additional services for air conditioning that Andrews Air Conditioning provide, please contact us today.

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