Mounted systems cater for new school dining room

When a school in Norfolk looked to upgrade their kitchen and dining facilities on site, a permanent air conditioning system was required to accommodate both areas.

The school’s estates team turned to a company that specialises in manufacturing modular structures, prompting the erection of a custom-made building on the premises. In this instance, any air conditioning system proposed would need to be capable of combatting any additional heat gain from the glass exterior.

After inspecting the application in person, our regional expert recommended the installation of four 10kW Mitsubishi wall-mounted units which were evenly spaced on the external walls due to an absence of ceiling voids.

The presence of timber cladding on the walls necessitated the use of pipe runs to head down the inside walls and then out through the external walls at low level. This solution met the needs of the design specification while fitting the aesthetic profile of this type of installation.

On this occasion, we actually worked directly with the manufacturer of the building to ensure the air conditioning was functional before it was handed over to the end user.

Despite some brief delays with our client commissioning the electrical distribution board a little later than anticipated, we were able to complete our part of the job in a timely and efficient manner – with all parties delighted with the end result!