Andrews Air Conditioning & Refrigeration cool NHS patient

As part of the NHS’s plan to manage patients with complex needs, team meetings are held and attended by all parties involved in the care itself. This allows GPs, nurses, specialists and parents to discuss requirements and make plans to accommodate these in the future.

The consultations were used as an opportunity to discuss the situation of one particular patient in Wolverhampton, whose disrupted sleeping pattern had become increasingly detrimental. It was identified that he had taken to sleeping on the sofa every night because the constant use of an oxygen concentrator upstairs had generated a considerable amount of heat.


By sleeping elsewhere to avoid excessive temperatures, the patient’s rest quality was said to be affecting his physical and mental well-being. A solution was therefore sought immediately, and, because NHS facilities in the area regularly use our services, they recommended us for the job.

A permanent cooling system was necessary, and an Andrews Air Conditioning & Refrigeration technician fitted a Mitsubishi Wall Mount unit shortly after the problem was flagged. The installation itself was carried out free of charge with the unit being donated by Mitsubishi Electric. This equipment allowed the patient to sleep in a more comfortable environment with family members admitting they were all seeing the benefits of him having a better night’s sleep.