Andrews Air Conditioning help preserve systems across the North East

As the UK’s number one provider of fixed air conditioning systems, we are exceptionally well-placed to oversee the upkeep of your equipment and ensure it continues to operate at full capacity. Maintenance is an essential requirement when owning permanent units, and if this is not conducted regularly then companies are likely to encounter difficulties sooner or later.

We were recently responsible for assessing the air conditioning in more than 350 sites across Scotland and the North East. A four-man service team visited each location within an eight week period, providing detailed reports on the functionality of every single system.

Adjuster air conditioning system

The majority of the premises we visited were owned by telecommunications businesses – an industry wholly dependent on the presence of cooling equipment. Prior to the project, we had developed a smart phone application capable of generating and submitting detailed statements to individual clients.

This rapid turnaround allowed us to notify them of necessary repairs, as well as the cost associated to having this carried out. Everything was completed within the allotted timeframe and meant our customers were protected against the potential risk of their fixed units breaking down unexpectedly.