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Andrews provide air conditioning for popular London bakery

When a popular bakery in London was experiencing extremely high temperatures in their kitchen and café they contacted Andrews Air Conditioning in search of an effective cooling solution to help restore desirable temperatures.

The client in question was struggling to create their unique pastries and bread due to excessive heat within their facility. As a result, our specialists were drafted in immediately to provide the client with a permanent climate control solution to avoid any further complications for the bakery.

In order to rectify the issue, our experts recommended and installed an under-ceiling air conditioning system which was used to reduce temperatures in kitchen area. We also installed a separate high wall system in the eating and serving are to keep guests comfortable while keeping the savoury items at the required temperatures.

Once commissioned, the air conditioning equipment we supplied worked perfectly and ensured a constant stream of cool air was distributed throughout the building, thereby keeping the kitchen and cafe at the correct temperature and avoiding any further disruption to production.

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Prestigious school in Manchester requires immediate air conditioning equipment

Andrews air conditioning was recently contacted by a school in Manchester in search of a climate control solution to help cool down their IT classroom. As a result, our specialists were drafted in to provide the client with a cooling solution to ensure the correct environment was maintained to protect the IT equipment while providing a comfortable environment for both staff and employees.

Thanks to our existing relationship with this client, we were their first port of call to help find a solution to their problem. A local Andrews technician visited the premises to conduct a site survey – assessing the specifications of the area before recommending a suitable air conditioning system that was befitting for the classroom.

Following a site meeting, a proposal was put forward to provide install a Mitsubishi ceiling mounted system.  Our experts positioned the cooling equipment at the back of the classroom to distribute an even and steady stream of fresh air throughout the room.

Once the air conditioner was installed, it had an immediate impact by reducing temperatures with noticeable effectiveness.

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UK heart charity require urgent air conditioning system

When the UK’s number one heart charity required some permanent air conditioning for their flagship store in Wakefield, Andrews Air Conditioning was on hand to help.

Our client has over 170 furniture and electrical stores across the UK selling sofas, dining sets and beds. Profits generated are then used to fund thousands of research projects nationwide, all of which are geared towards fighting heart disease.

Furniture charity shop

The store in question experienced extremely high temperatures during the summer season and so required a cooling solution to keep both staff and visitors comfortable when seasonal temperatures began to rise.

An Andrews engineer visited the premises and proposed the deployment of two Daikin ceiling-mounted air conditioning units within the shop floor area. Additionally, we also providing the client with a 7-year warranty on the units as part of a long-term maintenance proposal. Once commissioned, the client was extremely impressed with the with the functionality of the cooling system which perfectly restored conditions within the affected areas.

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Top London hotel upgrades air conditioning system

When one of the largest and most popular grand hotels in London contacted Andrews Air Conditioning for some permanent air conditioning units, our experts were at hand to help.

The five-star hotel was having trouble with a build-up of heat in their basement pastry kitchens – following an urgent call from the hotel’s chief engineer, our specialists went to site to conduct a survey and recommend the most appropriate equipment for the issue at hand.


Despite receiving the urgent enquiry at short notice, an Andrews engineer was able to propose the deployment of one Mitsubishi wall-mounted air conditioning unit in the main pastry kitchen and one Mitsubishi ceiling cassette in the second pastry kitchen.

Our experts were able to undertake the works without disturbing the day to day operations of the working kitchens – leaving the application running at full strength in a comfortable environment to ensure maximum performance and output of quality products to a high standard.

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Healthcare centre requires emergency air conditioning equipment

Andrews Air Conditioning were recently contacted by a local health care centre in search of an effective climate control solution for their server room.

Our specialists visited site within hours of receiving the enquiry to conduct a free site survey and provide the client with a permanent cooling solution to ensure the correct environment is maintained to protect the sensitive hardware contained within the server room.

After consultation with the client and site survey it was identified that the server room would require 3.5kw of cooling to maintain an even low temperature required to maximise the performance of their servers and safe the health centre critical systems. As a result, a Daikin high wall system was deployed and installed in the affected area.

Once our cooling equipment was commissioned, we were able to control the temperature within the Server Room enabling the customer to run their critical systems effectively and be able to add to these in the future.

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Andrews install air conditioning for prestigious Scottish college

Andrews Air Conditioning was recently contacted by the facilities department of one of the most prestigious colleges in Scotland, who sought an effective climate control solution for two administration offices.

During the summer season, staff were struggling to stay cool and were having to spend the majority of their day in uncomfortable working conditions. A permanent cooling arrangement was therefore urgently required to keep a sizeable working space cool.

College admin office

One of our local specialists was then sent to the premises to conduct an assessment of both offices, before recommending an air conditioning package comprising of a Mitsubishi ceiling cassette for the first office and a Mitsubishi wall-mounted air conditioner for the second.

Once commissioned, the customer was extremely impressed with the functionality of our fixed installation which has helped bring temperatures down immediately while leaving workers feeling comfortable throughout their working day.

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Andrews provide emergency cooling solution for wood manufacture

A Scottish wood manufacturing company recently contacted Andrews Air Conditioning in search of a high-powered cooling solution that would assist with combating high temperatures caused by machinery on site used to process timber.

Shortly after initial contact, one of our experienced specialists visited the site to assess the specifications of the area before proposing a suitable air conditioning system to preserve the desired low temperatures required to protect the machinery while maintaining a comfortable working environment for staff.

After discussions, it was decided that a wall mounted Daikin air conditioning system would be the most economical and effective system to keep temperatures down on site. The wall-mounted air conditioner was placed in the optimum position in the room and used to provide maximum air flow to help eradicate any ‘hot spots’.

The client in question was extremely impressed with the air conditioning equipment recommended by our experts, which produced huge volumes of cooled fresh air.

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Veterinary seek permanent climate control solution

Andrews Air Conditioning was recently drafted in to provide an effective climate control solution to reduce temperatures in a high-profile Veterinary. As a result, our specialists were drafted in to provide the client with a cooling solution to ensure the correct environment was maintained to protect both animals and staff.

The client in question was undergoing major refurbishment works to their offices, kennels and consultation rooms – which all required permanent heating and cooling throughout the year.

As a result, our experts visited the site to conduct a free site survey and propose a suitable air conditioning package to preserve the desired temperature throughout the clinic. It was decided that four wall mounted Fujitsu air conditioning systems would be placed in each of the affected rooms.

Once commissioned, our air conditioning systems were successful in providing effective cooling and heating within the clinical spaces – providing a long-term temperature control.

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Andrews provide cooling for newly built modular building

When a well-known construction company contacted Andrews Air Conditioning in search of an effective climate control solution for one of their projects, our experts were at hand to help.

The client in question were in the process of putting together a modular building for their client. As part of the works, their client had asked for a practical climate control solution to be installed that would successfully cool and heat the area once works are complete.

Luxury apartment with modular exterior sectionsOur specialists were sent in to liaise with the customer and look over their modular building drawings in order to gain a better understanding of the structure. We were able provide the customer with a remote proposal based on the buildings drawings – deciding that the best course of action was to install a Mitsubishi wall mounted air conditioning system.

Once commissioned, our air conditioning solution worked perfectly by providing adequate cooling, leaving our client extremely impressed with the results and our service.

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Andrews Air Conditioning & Refrigeration open new modern offices in Manchester

We are very pleased to announce the opening of a new modern office facility in Gatley, Manchester, following a period of growth for the company. The relocation provides us with a fantastic operational base from which to coordinate all business activity, and is funded by significant investment as we accommodate a growing demand for our services.

The offices have been carefully designed to enable our sales and service teams to work even more closely, aided by substantial upgrades of both our IT equipment and telephony. Home to Andrews Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, the building will also act as a contact centre and major accounts hub for Andrews Sykes Hire.

And, as you might expect from a company that prides itself on providing the country’s most advanced air conditioning systems, all office interiors are kitted out with the best cooling units on the market!

Featuring industry-leading heat pump technology, our air conditioning systems use the latest R32 refrigerant to maximise performance and efficiency, with built-in motion detectors for automatic shutdown when rooms are left unoccupied.


Strategically located near a number of major road links including the M60 and M62 motorways, our Stonepail Court offices are situated just seven miles from Manchester city centre. Our new address is incredibly accessible for both staff and customer convenience – a five-minute walk from the nearest train station and a ten-minute drive from Manchester airport.

Lee Wilks, Divisional Director, said: “Opening a new, modern office in such a prime location will only improve the service we provide as the company strives to continue exceeding customer expectations. The relocation is indicative of the progress we have made in both the short and long term and will give our staff the perfect platform for hitting sales and service objectives.”

We are excited to unveil this new facility and look forward to handling all enquiries from a more centralised location. For more information on how Andrews Air Conditioning and Refrigeration can assist you, call us today on 0800 731 88 33.

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