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Air Conditioning Repair & Breakdown Services

In these times of warmer summers and unpredictable winters, air conditioning is no longer simply a 'nice-to-have' luxury, it has become an essential utility.

So no matter what you need to keep cool - critical equipment, sensitive products or vital people – at Andrews we know you demand reliability and rapid response at a price that won’t cost the earth.

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In addition to fixed systems, we also offer a range of portable air conditioners

Repair & Breakdown

With warmer summers and the threat of cold, biting winters, ensuring the comfort of your staff, equipment or office space with air conditioning is no longer an optional luxury – instead, it is a necessity. Andrews Air Conditioning is the UK’s biggest air conditioning provider. We know how important your air conditioning is, which is why we provide fast, efficient and cost-effective repairs.

Andrews provides a range of air conditioning repair & breakdown services and we have the knowledge and expertise to perform air conditioning repairs of all types. We also repair and maintain systems that we haven’t installed, so whatever the problem, whatever the manufacturer, call us on 0800 731 8833 now and we’ll be with you urgently.

  • Andrews Air Conditioning uses only the highest-quality parts from the world’s leading manufacturers, including Mitsubishi and Samsung – we never use cheap imitations.
  • All of our repairs will be performed by our team of friendly, fully qualified, in-house technicians.
  • Our expertise means that we have the knowledge to help you with repairs of all types, getting your system running again as quickly as possible.
  • We provide repairs for air conditioning systems of all types and makes.
  • If we identify a major repair, we’ll provide you with a quotation so that you can stay in control of costs.
  • We also provide rapid response air conditioning repair & breakdown services, available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.
  • Our support lines are fully staffed 24/7. We’ll never pass you to a machine – you’ll always be able to discuss your problems with a person.

With the team at Andrews Air Conditioning right at your side, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that if your system breaks down, we’ll do everything we can to get it back up and running again – so that your business doesn’t suffer. With offices in most major cities including Liverpool, Leeds, London, Birmingham and Manchester, Andrews is never too far away to help.


Why does water leak from my air conditioning system?

You might find that the system has not been serviced recently, which will cause a blocked drip tray, pump or a slim build up within the system. We recommend turning off the system and please call our service team for more help and advice.

Why does my air conditioning smell?

Lack of regular service will cause bacteria build up on the evaporator coil in your internal unit, which will cause unpleasant smells. please call our service team for more help and advice

Why has my air conditioning stopped cooling?

This could be caused by a loss of refrigerant in the system or a possible error code has shut down the cooling. Please call our service who can arrange an engineer to diagnose your problem.

What do the error codes mean on my air conditioning?

These are guides to possible faults with your system and can vary from a filter clean to an engineer’s diagnosis visit. Our service team can help you with the best way forward.

Why is my air conditioning making a rattling noise?

You may find you have a worn fan bearing, condensate pump has a fault or a component has worked loose over time.

Can I repair my air conditioning that has R22 refrigerant?

No! please call our sales team to discuss what options you have for an economical replacement.

Are you a local company?

Yes, we have depots up and down the county to service our local customers.

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