Maintenance plan

1. A general inspection of the exterior condition of the equipment will be made.

2. The equipment will be thoroughly tested annually for refrigerant leaks on each individual condenser/evaporator circuit in accordance with current legislation. All integral soldered, flared and flanged joints inspected. Seals and valves inspected for possible wear. Any refrigerant leaks found would be reported

3. Condensers (air-cooled) will be inspected for free airflow. Reverse blown or brushed with stiff brush for cleaning.

4. Evaporator coil will be inspected for free airflow, cleaned and combed out where necessary.

5. Compressors will be checked for smooth operation.

6. Fan drive motors will be cleaned, checked, and the running currents checked.

7. All fan bearings will be inspected for correct temperature, silent and smooth running. Lubricated as required.

8. All drive belts will be checked for alignment, tension, wear and hardness. They will be adjusted or changed as required. (charged extra to contract)

9. Controls checked for correct operation setting, calibration and response.

10. Safety controls inspected for operation and settings.

11. Solenoid valves, motorised valve heads, and or thermostatic expansion valves will be inspected for operation and adjusted if necessary.

12. Oil charges and levels will be inspected for loss and rectified as necessary. (Oil charged extra to contract)

13. Inspect water pumps, if fitted, for correct water temperature and any leakage.

14. Refrigeration system pipe insulation will be inspected for damage.

15. Anti-vibration mountings, if fitted, will be checked for effectiveness.

16. Electrical equipment inspected for correct operation and the wiring checked for integrity.

17. Where ’electrode boiler’ type humidifiers are installed, operation checked, water drained, cylinder replaced if necessary. (Cylinders charged extra to contract)

18. Air filters inspected, cleaned or replaced as required. (Filters charged extra to contract)

19. Condensate and overflow drains tested and cleaned.

20. Room conditions checked and control settings adjusted if necessary.

21. The air on and air off temperatures from the indoor units would be checked and recorded.

23. Prepare written service report and if contracted to update the customers F-Gas log books.

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