NHS unveil Andrews Sykes Group as European-approved service provider

Andrews Sykes Group are delighted to announce successfully securing a place on the London Procurement Partnership NHS framework, having regularly provided climate control services to hospitals and clinics up and down the country prior to confirmation. This development has been ratified by the Official Journal of the European Union and allows the NHS and other public sector organisations to use our equipment as a pre-approved supplier.

LPP is an NHS-founded membership body which strives to work alongside associates to support the organisation and maximise its purchasing power. This then enables the NHS to continue offering high quality services and to reshape and improve the health care available to those who need it. read more

Andrews provide a modern alternative to aged R22 cooling system

The introduction of the Ozone Regulation in 2009 paved the way for a gradual shift away from air conditioning units that use refrigerant gas and other ozone depleting substances. This has since led to a widespread need for replacement systems to be sourced as businesses strive to comply with legislation.

So when one of our major clients based in central London decided to upgrade its cooling equipment to a more environmentally-friendly substitute, they approached us regarding a solution. At the same time, our customer’s premises were undergoing a renovation which involved being taken back to its original design – an open plan layout. read more

London hotel seeks solution for noisy air conditioning system

When a premier hotel located in Greenwich received complaints from guests regarding noise levels from the external air conditioning units, an immediate solution was required. In total, fifteen Mitsubishi VRF systems delivered heating and cooling to the hotel’s 157 guest rooms. This meant that a large number of clients could potentially be affected by sound emissions at any given time.

Following a detailed investigation, the first option outlined to our client was for us to install full acoustic attenuators to all condensing units, thus delivering a noise reduction of 12dB. However, as the disturbance was most noticeable at night a highly cost-effective alternative was for us to install a capacity control system, enabling the condenser fans to operate more quietly (by a further 5-7dB) – but at lower capacity – during periods of lower heating or cooling demand. read more

Major London train station assisted by Andrews Air Conditioning

A world-famous train station in central London required a replacement air conditioning system for its Switch Rooms, with previous equipment adjudged to have been beyond repair. The busy nature of train stations – particularly in the capital – meant that the need to minimise disruption to both passengers’ journeys and employees was of paramount importance.

Andrews Air Conditioning was tasked with providing a solution to the problem without compromising the site’s daily operations in any way. Eighteen SAMSUNG Under Ceiling Units were delivered and installed using a hybrid clamping system, and positioned so that maximum air flow could be achieved throughout each area. This has since resulted in a 35% increase in air flow efficiency – and at lower running costs. read more