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Andrews Additions

Andrews Additions

Your air conditioning is a major investment which you will want to keep in tip-top condition throughout its long life. Andrews Air Conditioning offers a wide range of energy saving equipment, anti-theft protection devices and innovative technical services all designed to save you hassle, time and money.



Leasing is long established as a way for companies to manage the costs of major investments such as vehicles or premises. Now the same convenience is available from Andrews Air Conditioning.

Cutting Costs

Cutting Your Costs

In the past air conditioning was thought of as an extravagant luxury, but with warmer summers, milder winters and increasing quantities of heat-sensitive technology in our homes, workplaces and leisure facilities, many of us are realising that it is rapidly becoming a necessity.

Planning Permission

Planning Permission, Building Regulations and Landlord Consent

The UK Planning System is generally administered by local government and is designed to provide guidance, plans and strategies to control what and where new development takes place.

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