Regional leadership academy installs multi-unit air conditioning solution ahead of the summer

Because demand for air conditioning tends to be much higher in the summer, you’re better off booking an installation or maintenance service during periods in which cooling is less likely to required.

Choosing to upgrade your system during the winter eliminates the risk of impulse purchases and inadvertently selecting equipment that may not be right for your business or application.

It’s quite common for customers to contact us in January or February, with this approach ensuring that they are well prepared long before summer arrives.

The facilities management team of a secondary school in the Midlands obviously shared these sentiments, and recently got in touch with a view to addressing their climate control requirements.

Our client was concerned that classrooms would get too warm for both staff and pupils – particularly in June and July – with this apprehension based on previous complaints in years gone by.

Rather than simply accept their fate, the customer was proactive in sourcing a solution that would ultimately be of use to them all year round. After liaising with an Andrews expert, they opted for split-type R32 refrigerant Mitsubishi Heavy Industries units in each classroom.

We’re delighted to say that this installation has since been completed and will provide a renowned local school with the comfort cooling they so desperately required. What’s more, the units we recommended can also be used in heat mode, so there ought to be no more temperature-induced disagreements going forward!

The Andrews Air Conditioning installation supervisor continually adjusted the works schedule to fit the installation around empty classrooms as work was conducted during the day and in term time, so the school remained fully open without interruption!