Air Conditioning Breakdown & Repair

National Installations Manager Completes the Team

Andrews Air Conditioning Services is delighted to announce the appointment of Tony Marsh to the position of National Installations Manager.

With a long and successful background in the air conditioning and refrigeration sector, Tony will lead a nationwide team of Project Managers and Installation Engineers. ‘Tony’s expertise in working directly with customers to deliver technical expertise and clear, no–nonsense advice will be a huge benefit and I’m looking forward greatly to working with him’, explained Andy Whiteley, Divisional Director. read more

Taking the Con Out of Air Conditioning

The issue of inferior products being passed off as quality brands is worryingly common in consumer market sectors. However, on the basis of recent evidence, it is now becoming a problem for buyers of air conditioning systems too.

Even Up Close, sometimes it's difficult to distinguish fake from genuine equipment

Even ‘Up Close’, sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish fake from genuine equipment

Most major air conditioning brands have experienced the issue and recently Toshiba, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of quality air conditioning, warned of its increasing prevalence. Toshiba first identified the issue around three years ago following an unusually large number of calls from users whose equipment had failed or was not performing as expected. read more

Why Does Air Conditioning Sometimes Smell?

During normal operation, air conditioning units tend to accumulate a wide variety of dirt, fibres, dust & pollen. If the unit is not properly and regularly maintained, this accumulation will combine with moisture in the environment, providing the perfect home for bacteria and mould. These organisms can emit nasty odours, spoiling the pleasant indoor environment the air conditioning is intended to create.

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Regular Maintenance, Service & Repair Makes Good Business Sense
Saving Money and Energy and Preventing Disruption

Avoid air conditioning smells with the following tips :

• The air filters in both the indoor and outdoor units must be kept clean and clear of debris. If filters become blocked, the equipment will not only deliver reduced performance and consume more energy than necessary, it is much more likely to emit unpleasant odours. Inspect air filters regularly, particularly if the system operates in damp or dusty conditions.
• Ensure the condensate water drains and collection trays are not blocked and any condensate drain pumps and float switches are working properly. Drain lines on infrequently used systems, or those which are not flushed through frequently, can block leaving behind stagnant water.
• Clean heat exchanger coils and fins regularly. Dirt and grime may accumulate on the coils of the air conditioner which will also harbour odour-producing bacteria.
• Most important of all, have air conditioning professionally serviced on a regular basis to maintain performance, reliability and energy efficiency (generally at least twice per year). A Planned Maintenance Programme gives peace of mind and avoids the hassle of remembering to maintain and service equipment properly. read more

Fire chiefs issue air conditioning maintenance advice

With a long, hot summer in progress, fire chiefs at London Fire Brigade have called on businesses to check their air conditioning systems are in good working order following two recent blazes in a week in the capital, caused by poorly maintained units

On the evening of Saturday 20 July 2013, firefighters were called to an overheating air conditioning unit in a City office building, while the previous Wednesday 17 July, 35 firefighters tackled a blaze at a shop in Streatham where the air conditioning unit was again to blame read more

Andrews Sykes Air Conditioning Services – Good Practice Notes: Legionnaires’ Disease

One year on from  outbreaks in Edinburgh and Stoke-On-Trent, Legionnaires’ disease, whilst increasingly less common, remains a potential issue for building owners, facilities managers and occupiers – especially in commercial and public buildings

Legionellosis is an infection caused by a bacterium named Legionella Pneumophila. Legionella are natural inhabitants of water and can be detected in rivers, lakes and streams.


Patients with Legionnaires disease usually have fever, chills and a cough. Some patients have muscle aches, headache, tiredness and loss of appetite. Chest x-rays will often look like pneumonia, even to the trained eye, therefore it is difficult to distinguish Legionnaires disease from other types of pneumonia by symptoms alone. read more

Andrews Sykes – New shirt sponsorship deal with Charlton Athletic Football Club

Paul Wood, Managing Director of Andrews Sykes is delighted to announce “We have committed to being shirt sponsors to Charlton Athletic Football Club for the forthcoming season, 2013/2014. We anticipate and hope the year will be an even better experience than this fantastic season has been for us and the club.”

CAFC 2013 14 Handshake Web Version

Paul Wood, MD Andrews Sykes and Ben Kensell, Chief Commercial Officer for Charlton confirm the deal on a handshake in the dug-out

Steve Reeve, Sales and Marketing Director added “In what are challenging times for any company, making this kind of commitment must be only for sound business reasons, and after reflecting carefully on a very successful year, we can state with confidence this has seen a very positive initiative for our business and one we see as having achieved a great return on a not insignificant investment. As a result, the decision to be shirt sponsors for the new season is very much in line with our plans for the next phase of our development” read more

Making Dental Practices More Comfortable

Andrews Sykes Air Conditioning Services – helping with the patient experience

Keeping patients and staff comfortable at all times is imperative for creating a calm and serene environment, especially within a dental practice. A bright, airy waiting room, an area for children to play and magazines or books for adult patients can go some way towards creating an inviting environment – but installing air conditioning will further enhance patient comfort, helping to reduce anxiety.

Dentist Web

Comfort isn’t just about considerate treatment

Air conditioning within a dental practice offers a number of benefits. Air conditioning allows for temperature to be controlled, keeping it cool throughout the summer and warmer in the winter. Temperature control is a key comfort factor and ensuring patients and staff are comfortable it also boosts productivity, as well as presenting patients who are more relaxed. read more

The Peak of Success

During the first days of July 2012, Andrews Air Conditioning Business Development Manager, Sam Law, completed what must be one of the toughest physical tests in the UK – the Four Peaks Challenge.

In just 47 hours, 57 minutes and 26 seconds he and his team-mates climbed and descended the mountains of Ben Nevis in Scotland, Helvellyn in England, Snowdon in Wales and Carrantuohill in Ireland. In all they climbed a total height of almost 14,500ft and drove nearly 2000miles.

To make all the pain worthwhile, the team gathered sponsorship totalling an amazing £12,000 in aid of the Wooden Spoon Society, the Children’s Charity of UK Rugby, whose Patron is ex England Captain and British Lion, Phil Vickery. read more

Britain’s most successful TV talent show turn to Andrews Air Conditioning Hire

When the air conditioning systems broke down at the studios of Britain’s most successful talent show, just before a live show was due to air, the cast and crew were panic-stricken at what to do.

Offering 24/7 cover, 365 days a year, one call to our experts at Andrews Air Conditioning Hire settled their problems in no time. Unlike other air conditioning hire companies, we provide an all year round service, no matter the day or time.

Our experts quickly delivered and installed our Zephyr Split and Pac 60 units. These units are powerful and stylish as well as easy and simple to use. The show was delighted with the response from Andrews Air Conditioning Hire and praised our prompt service. read more

Cool Sounds

Phono Nightclub is an increasingly popular Leeds nightspot but the owners didn’t want it to become too much of a hotspot. They called in Andrews Air Conditioning Services who designed an elegant and unobtrusive air conditioning solution, in keeping with Phono’s sophisticated ambience and clientele.

The installation process was complicated because the nightclub occupies several levels on a heavily sloping site’, explained Andrews Business Development Manager, Neil Preston. ‘Limited space for the external condensers necessitated careful consideration of the pipework routes read more