Making Dental Practices More Comfortable

Andrews Sykes Air Conditioning Services – helping with the patient experience

Keeping patients and staff comfortable at all times is imperative for creating a calm and serene environment, especially within a dental practice. A bright, airy waiting room, an area for children to play and magazines or books for adult patients can go some way towards creating an inviting environment – but installing air conditioning will further enhance patient comfort, helping to reduce anxiety.

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Comfort isn’t just about considerate treatment

Air conditioning within a dental practice offers a number of benefits. Air conditioning allows for temperature to be controlled, keeping it cool throughout the summer and warmer in the winter. Temperature control is a key comfort factor and ensuring patients and staff are comfortable it also boosts productivity, as well as presenting patients who are more relaxed.

Air conditioning units also filter particles such as dust, bacteria, pollen and other pollutants from the air, keeping it clean and safe. This is essential for a hygienic working environment and further enhances patient and staff comfort, particularly for those suffering from allergies or recovering from infections. Dental surgery equipment can generate a lot of heat, enabling bacteria to flourish, so it’s important to maintain a cool environment which is easier to keep clean and sterile.

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