24 hour call service

Andrews Air Conditioning Hire cool down top comparison website

A top comparison website company required air conditioning for their London offices and approached the UK’s biggest and most reliable independent hire company, Andrews Air Conditioning Hire.

After hiring a large number of our units last year, including our sought after Polar Wind unit, they were so impressed with the service and quality of equipment they returned to us again this year! With competitive prices and a 24/7 service, our priority is to ensure you receive an excellent hire service.

Andrews Air Conditioning Hire supply a vast fleet of units suitable for any room size. Whether you need a stylish unit to cool down a small office or fit-for-purpose unit to cool down the whole building, Andrews Air Conditioning Hire will have what you need. read more

Britain’s most successful TV talent show turn to Andrews Air Conditioning Hire

When the air conditioning systems broke down at the studios of Britain’s most successful talent show, just before a live show was due to air, the cast and crew were panic-stricken at what to do.

Offering 24/7 cover, 365 days a year, one call to our experts at Andrews Air Conditioning Hire settled their problems in no time. Unlike other air conditioning hire companies, we provide an all year round service, no matter the day or time.

Our experts quickly delivered and installed our Zephyr Split and Pac 60 units. These units are powerful and stylish as well as easy and simple to use. The show was delighted with the response from Andrews Air Conditioning Hire and praised our prompt service. read more

Customers confident with Andrews Sykes Live Chat service

Since Andrews Sykes launched its brand new Live Chat online last summer, customers have been delighted at the extra support and convenience offered to them by their dedicated workers. By clicking just one button, customers can get their questions and needs addressed instantly by Andrews Sykes staff.

A customer was delighted at Andrews Sykes’ speedy response recently, as he urgently needed to hire a heater for the day. After simply clicking on the Live Chat button on the website, the customer was able to explain his crisis to one of the loyal sales team. Having all of his queries and questions dealt with promptly, Andrews Sykes were then able to help decide which unit was the best for them and within one hour of the Live Chat, the unit was with the customer. read more