Big name food distributor seeks server room cooling

In the modern day, virtually every business requires a data centre or server room to interconnect online operations and allow it to function as efficiently as possible. This digital age reliance on technology has done wonders for companies across all market sectors, but the downside is that even a temporary outage can wreak havoc if not quickly addressed.

Server failures can be caused by a wide range of factors, with one of the most common being due to overheating. The potential for catastrophe is so high that a large food distribution company reached out to us in search of a permanent cooling solution to sit inside their newly built server room.

Tasked with centralising all data and logistics associated with their nationwide operations, it would be impossible to understate the importance of their servers running continuously and without any scope for interruption.

Having assessed the building in person, our local engineer proposed the installation of a Daikin ceiling suspended air conditioning unit which had been specifically designed and sized to suit our customer’s application.

Although a straightforward project in terms of its implementation, we safely coordinated the lifting of condenser units onto an assigned rooftop via use of a crane. Additionally, all hygiene regulations associated with the food service industry were properly adhered to at all times.

Thanks to our familiarity with these temperature-sensitive environments, the server room of a well-known international food wholesaler has now been appropriately safeguarded. This has been achieved by providing a tailored air conditioning system that will constantly reduce the heat overload produced by electrical hardware, allowing our client to continue providing hospitals and care homes with the food resources that they depend on.