permanent air conditioning

Andrews tailors cooling system to server room during its construction

It’s not every day that your help is enlisted by a manufacturing company dedicated to assisting the UK’s defence and security forces, but there’s a reason they turned to us!

Our client was in the process of assembling a new server room cabin from scratch in their workshop, and they were looking for a permanent air conditioning solution to be incorporated while the build was ongoing.

They had specified that an overall cooling capacity of 20kW would be adequate but that redundancy measures should be incorporated in case a unit failed unexpectedly. read more

Regional leadership academy installs multi-unit air conditioning solution ahead of the summer

Because demand for air conditioning tends to be much higher in the summer, you’re better off booking an installation or maintenance service during periods in which cooling is less likely to required.

Choosing to upgrade your system during the winter eliminates the risk of impulse purchases and inadvertently selecting equipment that may not be right for your business or application.

It’s quite common for customers to contact us in January or February, with this approach ensuring that they are well prepared long before summer arrives. read more

Hospital seek air conditioning system following refurbishment

At Andrews Air Conditioning, we understand the importance of providing a comfortable environment for all members of staff when seasonal temperatures begin to rise. So, when a central London hospital began moving staff into new office space within the building, they sought a permanent cooling solution and contacted us accordingly.

Our client was under pressure to have the installation complete before moving employees into the room, leaving our expert technicians with only a week to recommend the most appropriate equipment and carry out the installation. read more