Andrews upgrades R22 refrigerant systems for well-known drinks company

One of the country’s best-loved soft drink manufacturers got in touch with us after enduring a number of issues with the cooling system at their northern base. The client’s twin and split air conditioning systems were operating on R22 refrigerant and these were failing fairly regularly due to the units being obsolete.

This continued unreliability prompted our customer to consider replacing the entire system with a modern and energy-efficient solution.

Prior to discussing which equipment might be best for the project, our client explained that they had two very specific stipulations which we were required to accommodate. These were guaranteeing the removal of the heat load from all condensers located inside the warehouse, and relocating two external VRF units to an external compound outside the main building.

The site manager also requested that it be possible for the replacement system to be controlled remotely, which was achieved via a centralised device allowing control from anywhere in the world.

With various criteria outlined to us prior to any proposal being made, our technician was tasked with assessing which equipment would be best suited to the application in question. Following the initial consultation, we opted to use two R32 refrigerant Mitsubishi Electric VRF units which were then connected to 42 indoor units. As with most of our installations, this system could offer both heating and cooling to the intended areas.

Because the upgrade was carried out during the summer, some of the offices were left almost unbearable to work in without air conditioning. Our solution to this issue was to suggest temporarily acquiring some portable units from the Andrews Sykes Hire department. The association with a rental business proved extremely handy in this instance, with the customer expressing their approval regarding the availability of back-up support.

In addition to overseeing the installation, we were also responsible for the safe removal and disposal of the existing units and accompanying R22 refrigerant.

The AAC&R team coordinated all aspects of the project from the point of involvement and we are delighted to have served another big name in the food and beverage industry, while simultaneously enhancing our reputation with a new customer.