Lights, Camera, Aircon!

Andrews Air Conditioning Services – keeping film production rolling

In the high pressure world of film and TV production, it’s all about keeping your cool and delivering a quality product to a tight deadline. Production, recording and editing suites are high cost facilities which are in constant demand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They generate considerable quantities of heat and, because of the need to avoid contamination or noise intrusion, reliable air conditioning is essential.


Expensive, sensitive, and high maintenance – not the just actors but the equipment too

That’s why Bristol-based [email protected], the UK’s leading post production and specialist camera provider, relies on Andrews Air Conditioning Services to ensure their essential people and sensitive equipment don’t break into a sweat. With over 70 air conditioning systems across their two Bristol sites, [email protected] are a major client of Andrews Air Conditioning for a range of services including Planned Preventative Maintenance, Emergency Breakdown Repair and their on-going R22 System Replacement programme.


It’s about always being in control

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