Another in our series of ‘Good Practice’ notes

Q & A: Which Air Conditioning System is Right for Me?

Of course, this depends on context and many other factors, but some general ‘good ideas’ apply.

Compact air conditioning installations, suitable for small commercial buildings, generally use single split designs, which comprise an outdoor compressor unit and an indoor fancoil unit.

The outdoor unit houses the cooling fan, compressor and the condenser heat exchanger, while the indoor unit houses the evaporator. The indoor and outdoor units are connected by pipework, through which a refrigerant (coolant) liquid or gas flows, to cool the indoor air.

Single split designs operate quietly and can include lower capacity units, suitable for smaller commercial premises. For larger premises a development on the single split form, known as the multi-split design, can be used.

Typically, with single split units, an indoor and an outdoor unit will be required for each room, whereas multi-split systems connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit, thereby saving installation time and cost, especially beneficial on larger premises, where multiple air conditioning systems might be needed in different working spaces. Multi-split units are also suitable for use in premises with limited outdoor space or a space that is otherwise unsuitable for multiple outdoor units.

Installation Shot Web Version

Installation of high wall-mounted fan-coil unit

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