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National retail chain update R22 air conditioning systems

Before a major cooperative in the construction industry could handover buildings to a British retail firm, it was important that all air conditioning systems containing the R22 refrigerant were identified and changed. Our customer required us to decommission all units breaching EU laws and switch them with R417A systems instead. A plan was therefore put [...]

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Informed Advice About Inflammable Refrigerants

The R22 ‘Swap Out’ deadline is approaching, but some alternatives being considered may not be the most responsible choice. Propane based refrigerants are appearing, however ”The use of these substances poses a potential fire or explosion hazard for owners and service technicians,” according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (equivalent to UK’s DEFRA) warning that most air [...]

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Lights, Camera, Aircon!

Andrews Air Conditioning Services – keeping film production rolling In the high pressure world of film and TV production, it’s all about keeping your cool and delivering a quality product to a tight deadline. Production, recording and editing suites are high cost facilities which are in constant demand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a [...]

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Planning Ahead for R22 Replacement

Why should owners of air conditioning using R22 refrigerant consider replacing it? Any air conditioning over 10 years old probably uses R22 refrigerant, an ozone-depleting CFC which was banned in most new systems in 2002. By EU law R22 systems will become unserviceable at the end of 2014, meaning that it will be illegal to [...]

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Q & A: What is R22?

R22 is the name of a commonly used CFC refrigerant which has been banned in new air conditioning systems in UK & Europe since 2002 because of its ozone-depleting properties. Therefore although many are still in use, these ageing systems will, by law, become unserviceable at the end of 2014. At that point it will [...]

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