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Neal’s Yard Remedies


Natural beauty specialists meet Andrews air-con innovation

Founded in 1981 Covent Garden, Neal’s Yard Remedies has established a reputation for quality organic toiletries and beauty products. Based on herbs and essential oils the unique concept provides a natural, holistic way to beauty and well-being.

From humble beginnings in Dorset 30 years ago the brand has gone from strength to strength, tapping into the lucrative organic market. Now boosting an impressive 40 UK stores with international presence in America, South America, Asia and across Europe.

Andrews Air Conditioning is pleased to be part of their exciting UK story, providing air-conditioning to stores throughout London. Recently we kitted out their flagship store replacing old R22 units with R410A units; equipment used and designed for the London 2012 Olympics. R410A features the latest in green and energy efficient technology, whilst providing exceptional cooling.  We understand the importance of maintaining ambient temperatures, not only for customer’s but also to prevent products from being affected by varying weather conditions.

We are really enjoying working with this fantastic brand, helping find the right solution for each new opening.






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