Medicated tablet producer requests assistance

When a client in the pharmaceutical industry encountered problems with their fixed cooling system, their immediate thought was to contact the company that had originally installed it. It soon transpired that the contractor in question had succumbed to liquidation, meaning an alternative supplier was needed in order to rectify the issue.

Andrews Air Conditioning & Refrigeration were subsequently approached, and we sent a qualified technicial to survey the customer’s premises in Lancashire. Of the 12 Mitsubishi condensing units fitted inside the building, eight had damaged compressors. Several air handlers were also assessed as faulty, thus requiring a comprehensive solution to ensure the building could be adequately cooled once again.

Operator Of A Sterile Machine

The equipment had also been incorrectly specified by the previous air conditioning firm and so a complete replacement of the existing units was essential. Twelve Mitsubishi PUHZ-RP250 Power Inverter models were subsequently commissioned following the repair of defective air handlers. This new arrangement subsequently provided the client with an appropriate climate control package, having initially had the wrong system in place.

It comes complete with a three-year warranty – affording the customer peace of mind having already suffered difficulties before we got involved with the project. Now up and running, they can proceed with manufacturing and distribution their products once again without having to concern themselves with unproductive air conditioning.