Hospital seek air conditioning system following refurbishment

At Andrews Air Conditioning, we understand the importance of providing a comfortable environment for all members of staff when seasonal temperatures begin to rise. So, when a central London hospital began moving staff into new office space within the building, they sought a permanent cooling solution and contacted us accordingly.

Our client was under pressure to have the installation complete before moving employees into the room, leaving our expert technicians with only a week to recommend the most appropriate equipment and carry out the installation.

Installation Shot Web Version

 Despite receiving the urgent enquiry at short notice, an Andrews engineer was able to visit the premises and propose the deployment of two Mitsubishi wall-mounted air conditioning units, which would be more than adequate for reducing the overall temperatures in the room.

Once commissioned, the client was extremely pleased with the efficiency of the cooling system as well as the professionalism of our own staff. In fact, the client actually went out of their way to contact us and leave a positive testimony referencing how happy people in the department are with their new air conditioning system!