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Endless Cooling at Infinity Fitness

When the owner of an innovative new 24-hour fitness studio in Kent was considering air conditioning providers he didn’t need to ponder for long. As an experienced electrical contractor he had worked with Andrews Air Conditioning in the past and, knowing our commitment to service and quality workmanship, was keen to do so again. Andrews [...]

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Cost effective, energy efficient heating

As winter approaches, customers of Andrews Air Conditioning Services are certain to stay warm due to the incorporation of ingenious heat pump technology into our new air conditioning installations. This technology enables the refrigeration cycle to operate in reverse, utilising ‘free’ energy from the external environment to produce heat which is then distributed indoors, even in [...]

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Air Conditioning in Winter?

It’s a fact that in addition to creating a cool, comfortable summer environment, most modern air conditioning systems can provide clean, cost-effective winter heating too. It’s also a fact that many users aren’t aware of the many benefits of this ‘heat pump technology’. The latest air conditioning systems are able to work ‘in reverse’, extracting free energy [...]

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