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EU announce F-Gas Regulation update

In order to control emissions from fluorinated greenhouse gases, the European Union has implemented two legislative measures. The second of these – the “F-gas Regulation” – covers all key applications and strengthens existing guidelines originally adopted in 2006. Controls on the use and emissions of fluorinated gases are now more stringent than any time previously [...]

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Q & A – What is F-Gas?

F-Gas is a term used to describe any of a range of fluorinated gases such as CFCs, HFCs and HCFCs which are, or have been in the past, widely used in refrigeration-related applications such as air conditioning. Some F-gases are ozone-depleting whilst others are known to contribute to the greenhouse effect and global warming. The [...]

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Refrigerant Handling Is Serious Business

On the 4th July 2011 it became a criminal offence for anyone to install, remove or handle refrigerant gases, such as those used in air conditioning equipment, unless they hold the latest F-Gas Safe Handling qualifications.  Any company offering these services must hold a valid Company Qualification Certificate from an independent accreditation body such as [...]

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