Local authority seeks permanent climate control arrangement

When a Sussex-based local authority sought a permanent air conditioning system for their offices and meeting rooms, Andrews were contacted and asked to put forward the best solution available. The initial phase involved a regional technician meeting with the client and their planning officer to help ascertain the most appropriate place for condensers and pipework to be located.

Cooling and heating equipment was required on two separate floors but because of the type of building, would have to be installed towards the rear of the property away from public access. This therefore meant that all pipework would have to pass through a part of the building not owned by the council, making the assignment slightly more challenging than usual.

Business people discussing in a meeting

Having assessed the particular needs of the customer, it was decided that a series of Toshiba Cassette units would represent the best course of action. These models are unobtrusive and adaptable to their surroundings, offering high performance climate control without excessive power consumption.

Once agreed by the client, we fitted a number of the air conditioning units to existing pipework and had the entire classification operational ahead of the opening consultation date – exceeding customer expectations. This proposal ensured full compliance with all R22 and R407 legislation and provides a two-storey workplace with modern heating and cooling technology.