Retail outlet undergoes TM44 Energy Efficiency Inspection

As part of revised legislation aimed at monitoring the efficiency of air conditioning systems over 12kW, independent inspections must be carried out every five years. These inspections often highlight money saving opportunities as well as help companies reduce their CO2 emissions.

At Andrews Air Conditioning, we are responsible for maintaining the systems of our clients and recently identified that one of them – a ceramics retail outlet – required an Energy Efficiency Inspection. This was to ensure the systems across their fifteen stores were still suitable for the intended purpose and operating correctly.


We are able to advise on the need for an external review and when necessary, arrange for this to be conducted by a member of an accredited inspection partner.

Following our recommendation, a full report was compiled based on the findings at each of the client’s fifteen premises. Consequently, they are now fully compliant with all regulations for the next five years and instructions on how to improve efficiency were also provided.