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With billions of pounds spent by shoppers every year, retailers across the country rely on Andrews Air Conditioning & Refrigeration to keep their customers comfortable.

It is vital that businesses involved in the retail sector create and provide their customers with the positive shopping environment they demand. The simple addition of our air conditioning units can quickly help improve conditions in store, ensuring your store will always remain welcoming, no matter how busy.

Using a wide range of products sourced from market leading manufacturers, our team of engineers are able to recommend and install the perfect air conditioning systems that are suitable for all types of retail outlets - giving your customers the pleasant atmosphere they need to fully explore your store.

Department stores, shopping centres and other major retail premises of a large scale, often struggle to ensure an even temperature throughout the building. An effective climate control solution is essential in these environments in order to provide the right comfort for visitors in every season.

The ability to control the temperature in your retail facility is a key element when making sure your customers have an enjoyable shopping experience, which means an increased likelihood of sales and return visits.

Our unique range of retail air conditioning equipment is ideal for enhancing the retail environment even on the hottest of days and in the most crowded of shops, while remaining energy efficient and environmentally responsible.

Keeping your customers comfortable is the primary concern for all shop owners. Whether you require a cooling/heating solution for a convenience store or large supermarkets with hundreds of customers, our air conditioning systems are designed to keep your premises comfortable all year round.

Supermarkets store and sell thousands of pounds of fast moving consumer goods that need to be chilled or kept at strict temperatures for storage. Not installing an effective climate control solution, it has the potential to destroy stock and can have severe financial implications.

Our team of engineers have years of experience working on all types of air conditioning for supermarkets – helping to recommend and provide an effective cooling system to create a welcoming atmosphere, not only to bring people into store but to keep them there for longer.

UK heart charity require urgent air conditioning system
When the UK’s number one heart charity required some permanent air conditioning for their flagship store in Wakefield, Andrews Air Conditioning was on hand to help. Our client has over 170 furniture and electrical stores across the UK selling sofas, dining sets and beds. Profits generated are then used to fund thousands of research projects [...]
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