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Andrews Air Conditioning understands that air quality is extremely important to any educational environment. It is essential that the right temperature is maintained in schools, universities and colleges, to aid with concentration and productivity.

Our air conditioning equipment provides fresh, clean, cool or warm air into the classroom – combatting overheated room and making it possible for students who are sat in the same room for a long period of time, to concentrate in a comfortable working atmosphere.

We provide a free site survey no matter how big or small the job in areas as diverse as lecture theatres, sports halls, teaching rooms, workshops, laboratories, administration buildings and IT suites.

Libraries are used as a place where people come to relax or work in silence - making comfort a number one priority for all visitors.

Libraries are not only used by people, but they are also home to thousands of books that require a great deal of care. For older books in particular, high temperatures and humidity can cause damage to the pages.

We have partnered with some of the leading manufacturers to guarantee quiet, effective air conditioning units that allows for constant monitoring and adjustments of climates to ensure the conditions of all books can be preserved and your staff and visitors can enjoy their time in the building.

Having worked alongside major customers in the public sector for a number of years, we at Andrews Air Conditioning recognise the importance of keeping court proceedings on schedule, no matter the weather.

Our air conditioning units for court rooms are extremely quiet so that they don’t cause any distraction to the proceedings - preventing criminal cases from being delayed and averting the waste of taxpayer money.

Having a comfortable temperature is necessary in a courtroom for participants to be able to concentrate on proceedings without distraction, designed to provide balanced and gentle cooling to areas including the judge’s chambers, jury suite, prisoner holding facilities, and attorney-witness rooms.

Prestigious school in Manchester requires immediate air conditioning equipment
Andrews air conditioning was recently contacted by a school in Manchester in search of a climate control solution to help cool down their IT classroom. As a result, our specialists were drafted in to provide the client with a cooling solution to ensure the correct environment was maintained to protect the IT equipment while providing [...]
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