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Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in air-conditioning systems for residential, commercial and industrial use. Not to be confused with the similarly named, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (which is an unrelated company), Mitsubishi Electric's air conditioning systems are renowned for their high standard of performance, quiet, energy-saving operation, flexible installation and uncompromising reliability. That's why air conditioning professionals across the world insist on the leading-edge technology and unrivalled range of Mitsubishi Electric. The company is a world leader in product quality and performance in multi-system, room and packaged air conditioners for residential, commercial and industrial use, providing the ideal solution for comfort at home and at work.

Founded in 1921, Mitsubishi Electric initially launched an electric fan. It became an instant success and a little over 10 years later the company started making coolers. The challenge of creating air-conditioning systems suitable to Japan's wide-ranging climate conditions led Mitsubishi Electric to the development of amazingly sophisticated yet rugged machines and systems that can take the punishment of constant use in virtually any environment. This premium manufacturer continues to innovate quietly, energy-efficiently and with minimum negative impact on the environment.

Mitsubishi Electric’s aim is not simply to satisfy stringent standards, but to exceed them. When it comes to comfort, efficiency and durability, Mitsubishi Electric is distinctive. They call it MEQ — Mitsubishi Electric Quality. The MEQ standard results in products at the leading edge of technology. It enables air conditioners that consume minimal power and protect your investment through a long operational lifespan, built to take the punishment of extreme weather conditions year in and year out. MEQ has led to the development of state-of-the-art air purification and deodorization filters that remove unwanted odours and impurities from the air. Patented airflow technologies and specially designed components provide even temperature distribution — even in remote areas of a room. At Mitsubishi Electric, comfort doesn't simply mean cool or warm, it means clean and quiet too.

MEQ results in air conditioners that are rated among the best in the industry in terms of quality and energy efficiency, striving for a perfect balance of performance, reliability, low power consumption and long operational life. This is complemented by continuously introducing new technologies and components that further reduce energy requirements and improve eco-friendliness.

MEQ ensures higher quality products that protect your initial investment over years of reliable service. Indoor and outdoor units are subjected to rigorous durability testing, including harsher temperature extremes than are ever likely experienced in the UK. The goal is to ensure a minimum of 10 years of service without a breakdown. And to ensure proper service even after that, Mitsubishi Electric commits to carry replacement parts for all models for 11 years after discontinuation of production. The company leads the field with their innovative ‘Replacement Technology’, allowing older indoor and outdoor units to be replaced whilst reusing the existing pipework and power supplies. Although not suitable in every application, Replacement Technology offers major savings in installation costs, time and disruption to the building’s fabric, finishes and occupants.

Mitsubishi Electric is renowned for its innovative technology and the quality of its products. That means you should expect to pay a little more at the outset but savings will be recouped in performance and longevity during the system’s life. Regardless of building and room size, or the season, Mitsubishi Electric systems offer the flexibility and freedom to ensure a best-fit solution for any cooling and heating need. Air purification and deodorization features make indoor environments more pleasant, while sophisticated technologies permit simultaneous cooling of one room while heating another.

The famous M-series of split air conditioning systems offers a comprehensive model range to choose from, each with a number of outstanding features. In addition to energy saving inverter-equipped models, constant speed, floor standing and cassette models are available to match any requirement.

Multi-split systems are also an impressive part of Mitsubishi Electric’s range, enabling multiple indoor units (floor, wall or ceiling mounted) to be linked to a single exterior unit. This significantly reduces the system’s installation, running and maintenance costs and minimises the space occupied by outdoor equipment.

Mitsubishi Electric’s market-leading Lossnay heat-exchanger technology provides highly effective ventilation systems with minimal energy loss. The Lossnay core is made up of a cross-flow, plate-fin configuration with a diaphragm constructed of specially processed paper. The advanced heat-transfer and moisture permeability properties of the paper contribute to maximum heat recovery as air circulates through the element. This results in substantial energy savings and contributes to a more comfortable indoor environment.

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems can be found in public buildings, offices, retail space, residential and leisure facilities – in fact, just about everywhere. With a full range of commercial and residential systems available for any air conditioning requirements, single standalone units to multiple split-type units, these products are known for their reliable performance and energy-efficient operation.

Andrews Air Conditioning Services is proud to be a Mitsubishi Electric Accredited Installer ensuring our customers benefit from the wealth of expertise this manufacturer provides. For more information on the comprehensive range of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems visit

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