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Within the warehouse environment, effective climate control is vital in order to regulate temperature and humidity levels – ensuring goods are kept in the correct environment and cooled/heated, filtered fresh air is delivered to the space to improve working conditions for staff.

No matter the kind of products being stored in the warehouse, a consistent temperature ensures that nothing is spoiled or exposed to damaging temperatures at any time. Our powerful air conditioning systems are designed to deliver cool or warm air to warehouses, to maintain acceptable temperatures with minimal energy waste.

Our highly efficient air conditioning units offer clients in the manufacturing industry with precise control of warehouse climate control and air quality to suit your space requirements.

At Andrews Air Conditioning, we understand the pressure manufacturing businesses are facing – with stringent quality control standards, even the smallest disruption to your production process can have huge implications.

Automotive manufacturing is a complex process, and requires the right climate control to allow it to function effectively. Our wide range of powerful air conditioning systems make it possible for our clients to control temperatures in order to maintain safe working conditions, while keeping machinery cool to avoid any heat-sensitivity issues.

If you’re encountering temperature-related problems in your automotive factory, let Andrews Air Conditioning provide you with a tailor-made solution for your automotive factory.

Aerospace manufacturers support aviation by designing, building and testing aircrafts, as well as manufacturing aircraft parts for their maintenance.

As part of the manufacturing process, welding stations, metal cutting and robotic welding cells are used, which have the potential to create serious amounts of fumes that can produce air quality challenges and create a major risk for worker health.

Andrews Air Conditioning brings a wealth of experience and expertise in maintaining air quality and controlling temperatures within the aerospace industry. Our high-performance cooling/heating units have the ability to keep production high, yet maintain the highest level of air quality for the safety of workers and for regulatory compliance.

Andrews provide emergency cooling solution for wood manufacturer
A Scottish wood manufacturing company recently contacted Andrews Air Conditioning in search of a high-powered cooling solution that would assist with combating high temperatures caused by machinery on site used to process timber. Shortly after initial contact, one of our experienced specialists visited the site to assess the specifications of the area before proposing a suitable [...]
Andrews provide cooling for newly built modular building
When a well-known construction company contacted Andrews Air Conditioning in search of an effective climate control solution for one of their projects, our experts were at hand to help. The client in question were in the process of putting together a modular building for their client. As part of the works, their client had asked [...]
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