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Whether at work, leisure or relaxing at home, air conditioning can make a big difference to your environment. Fujitsu Air Conditioning offers more choice than ever with floor standing, wall, ceiling-mounted, ceiling cassette, or discreet ducted split air conditioning systems that neatly fit in a ceiling or wall void. Offering high levels of reliability, on-board computer technology and enhanced performance, Fujitsu leads the way in product design at a highly competitive price.

In the workplace, air conditioning is no longer considered a luxury. Instead employers commonly see the real benefits of maintaining a comfortable working environment through increased production. Research has shown that as the office or factory temperature rises, so staff performance falls. Many more homeowners also now consider air conditioning to be just as important as their home heating system.

Split air conditioning systems from Fujitsu are particularly beneficial because the condenser (housing the compressor motor) is installed outside the building, ensuring quiet operation inside. A wired or hand-held remote controller provides flexible operation relating to timer programmes, room temperatures and more. Add heat pump technology and your split air conditioner can now supply heating as well as cooling to the room, often providing an economical alternative to gas, oil or electric central heating systems. As a result of Fujitsu’s commitment to design, their high wall-mounted units are extremely popular and Fujitsu's reputation in design excellence is well earned. The elegant, smooth lines of the outer housing, understated soft corners, delicate colour tones and compact dimensions discreetly compliment any interior.

But that is just the start of Fujitsu's unbeatable quality. Impressive reliability figures, advanced technology and a range of features that ensure that the user gets the best performance from every air conditioner are also on offer. These include the newly developed Super Vane configuration, which boosts air flow throughout the room. The Power Diffuser feature is adaptable for heating and cooling modes. In the vertical mode, heating is directed to floor level where cold air gathers, while the horizontal mode distributes cool air at ceiling height.

Fujitsu’s cassette and compact cassette designs, incorporating the latest fan technology, distribute conditioned air through 2, 3 or 4 sides of the unit. In addition, louvres allow air to be directed in either a pre-set or a sweep pattern. An additional advantage of the Fujitsu cassette range is that outside air, as well as conditioned air, can be introduced into the room to improve ventilation and energy efficiency.

Another interesting element of the Fujitsu range is a split system that is equally at home standing upright as a floor unit or fitted horizontally to the ceiling. Either choice provides the user with a slim, lightweight air conditioner that employs Double Auto Swing louvre technology to distribute air evenly throughout the room whether at floor or ceiling height. The newly developed Super Vane feature boosts air flow, directing it to all corners of the room.

Other system features include Automatic Air Flow Adjustment to match changes in room temperature, Automatic Restart after a power failure and, with the heat pumps models, Auto-Changeover from heating or cooling to maintain room temperature. Hand held or wall fixed remote controllers put the user in control.

Air conditioning has never been so discreet than with Fujitsu's new Duct Type concealed ceiling-mounted and floor-standing air conditioners. The ultra-slim units have been designed to fit neatly within the ceiling void or at floor level behind panelling. Conditioned air is distributed throughout the room via discreet diffuser grilles. This approach by Fujitsu offers practical solutions to interior decor, incorporates space saving engineering, and delivers all the advantages of other modern split systems. Automatic Air Flow Adjustment uses microprocessor technology to adjust the air temperature in line with changing room temperatures and all units come complete with connectable distribution duct, for connection to an adjacent area or room, and fresh air duct.

Andrews Air Conditioning Services is one of the UK’s largest installers of Fujitsu air conditioning with a wide range of highly cost-effective products backed by a comprehensive multi-year warranty.

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