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Is your air conditioning system ready for operation?

With summer fast approaching, now is the time to ensure your air conditioning is fully prepared for the changing seasons. If you only need your air conditioning for summer cooling then it has probably not been used for several months. During this period of inactivity condensation and dust may have accumulated on fans, filters and heat exchanger coils. This can often become a breeding ground for bacteria which creates sludge and unpleasant odours.

If you also use your air conditioning to provide winter heating, it has probably collected lots of dirt and grime during that period. The colder conditions, even in relatively mild winters, encourage us to keep windows and other ventilation tightly closed. This reduces the amount of fresh air entering your building, leading to higher concentrations of dust and other airborne pollutants. Air conditioning works by recirculating air within the internal space, progressively cooling or heating it in accordance with user-controlled settings. Therefore, any fine particles being carried by the air will naturally end up in the filters, fans and fins of your air conditioning.

Not only does this dirt, dust and fluff harbour bacteria and reduce airflow by clogging your system, it also prevents the efficient transfer of heat between the air and the refrigerant within heat exchanger coils. This increases running times, energy consumption and wear and tear – all of which ultimately cost you money.

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In addition to thorough cleaning, now is also a good time to get the batteries in your remote controllers checked out, ensure the refrigerant charge is as it should be (repairing any leaks is a legal obligation) and to test thermostats and other controls to make sure they’re working efficiently.

One important and often-overlooked element of your air conditioning is the system of drains and pumps which deal with the moisture inevitably extracted from the air as it cools. Leaking condensate lines, trays and pumps are among the most common causes of air conditioning-related problems and often result in expensive damage to ceilings, floors and furnishings.

Annually-required air conditioning applications such as server rooms and IT suites put even greater pressure on your systems, and they are often also the very places where a breakdown would be most inconvenient. So if it’s some time since your air conditioning was last serviced, why not treat it to a spring clean from Andrews Air Conditioning? We’ll eliminate bacteria, neutralise any odours and give your system a thorough inspection for reliability and energy efficiency.

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