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UK heart charity require urgent air conditioning system

When the UK’s number one heart charity required some permanent air conditioning for their flagship store in Wakefield, Andrews Air Conditioning was on hand to help.

Our client has over 170 furniture and electrical stores across the UK selling sofas, dining sets and beds. Profits generated are then used to fund thousands of research projects nationwide, all of which are geared towards fighting heart disease.

Furniture charity shop

The store in question experienced extremely high temperatures during the summer season and so required a cooling solution to keep both staff and visitors comfortable when seasonal temperatures began to rise.

An Andrews engineer visited the premises and proposed the deployment of two Daikin ceiling-mounted air conditioning units within the shop floor area. Additionally, we also providing the client with a 7-year warranty on the units as part of a long-term maintenance proposal. Once commissioned, the client was extremely impressed with the with the functionality of the cooling system which perfectly restored conditions within the affected areas.

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Andrews install air conditioning for prestigious Scottish college

Andrews Air Conditioning was recently contacted by the facilities department of one of the most prestigious colleges in Scotland, who sought an effective climate control solution for two administration offices.

During the summer season, staff were struggling to stay cool and were having to spend the majority of their day in uncomfortable working conditions. A permanent cooling arrangement was therefore urgently required to keep a sizeable working space cool.

College admin office

One of our local specialists was then sent to the premises to conduct an assessment of both offices, before recommending an air conditioning package comprising of a Mitsubishi ceiling cassette for the first office and a Mitsubishi wall-mounted air conditioner for the second.

Once commissioned, the customer was extremely impressed with the functionality of our fixed installation which has helped bring temperatures down immediately while leaving workers feeling comfortable throughout their working day.

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Andrews Air Conditioning & Refrigeration open new modern offices in Manchester

We are very pleased to announce the opening of a new modern office facility in Gatley, Manchester, following a period of growth for the company. The relocation provides us with a fantastic operational base from which to coordinate all business activity, and is funded by significant investment as we accommodate a growing demand for our services.

The offices have been carefully designed to enable our sales and service teams to work even more closely, aided by substantial upgrades of both our IT equipment and telephony. Home to Andrews Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, the building will also act as a contact centre and major accounts hub for Andrews Sykes Hire.

And, as you might expect from a company that prides itself on providing the country’s most advanced air conditioning systems, all office interiors are kitted out with the best cooling units on the market!

Featuring industry-leading heat pump technology, our air conditioning systems use the latest R32 refrigerant to maximise performance and efficiency, with built-in motion detectors for automatic shutdown when rooms are left unoccupied.


Strategically located near a number of major road links including the M60 and M62 motorways, our Stonepail Court offices are situated just seven miles from Manchester city centre. Our new address is incredibly accessible for both staff and customer convenience – a five-minute walk from the nearest train station and a ten-minute drive from Manchester airport.

Lee Wilks, Divisional Director, said: “Opening a new, modern office in such a prime location will only improve the service we provide as the company strives to continue exceeding customer expectations. The relocation is indicative of the progress we have made in both the short and long term and will give our staff the perfect platform for hitting sales and service objectives.”

We are excited to unveil this new facility and look forward to handling all enquiries from a more centralised location. For more information on how Andrews Air Conditioning and Refrigeration can assist you, call us today on 0800 731 88 33.

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Top London hotel upgrades air conditioning system

When one of the largest and most popular grand hotels in London contacted Andrews Air Conditioning for some permanent air conditioning units, our experts were at hand to help.

The five-star hotel was having trouble with a build-up of heat in their basement pastry kitchens – following an urgent call from the hotel’s chief engineer, our specialists went to site to conduct a survey and recommend the most appropriate equipment for the issue at hand.

Reception - Guest checking in a hotel

Despite receiving the urgent enquiry at short notice, an Andrews engineer was able to propose the deployment of one Mitsubishi wall-mounted air conditioning unit in the main pastry kitchen and one Mitsubishi ceiling cassette in the second pastry kitchen.

Our experts were able to undertake the works without disturbing the day to day operations of the working kitchens – leaving the application running at full strength in a comfortable environment to ensure maximum performance and output of quality products to a high standard.

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Andrews Air Conditioning working to upgrade The Valley’s North Stand function suite

Andrews Air Conditioning recently carried out works to The Valley’s North Stand function suite with the installation of the latest energy-saving heating and cooling equipment and the refurbishment and upgrade of the existing air handling plant – enhancing the matchday experience for supporters.

Our client required a fixed climate control solution to replace their original equipment which had been there since the North Stand was expanded in May 2001. This system had served the main function room and was used on match days and also for corporate events.

Bartender pouring strong alcoholic drink into small glasses on b

With the room having a capacity of 500, the project was tailored to suit the existing layout and to also bring the equipment up to date. Andrews Air Conditioning Divisional Director, Lee Wilks, said: “We are delighted that our ongoing partnership with Charlton Athletic is enabling us to make more positive contributions to the club and The Valley. As well as bringing a greater level of comfort to supporters on a matchday, the installation will also help to make The Valley a more energy-efficient stadium, which is, of course, beneficial to the environment.”

We look forward to continuing to working alongside Charlton for a number of years and that the works upgrade will prove to be popular and effective for a number of years and can play its part in the club having a successful season on and off the pitch.

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Hospital seek air conditioning system following refurbishment

At Andrews Air Conditioning, we understand the importance of providing a comfortable environment for all members of staff when seasonal temperatures begin to rise. So, when a central London hospital began moving staff into new office space within the building, they sought a permanent cooling solution and contacted us accordingly.

Our client was under pressure to have the installation complete before moving employees into the room, leaving our expert technicians with only a week to recommend the most appropriate equipment and carry out the installation.

Installation Shot Web Version

 Despite receiving the urgent enquiry at short notice, an Andrews engineer was able to visit the premises and propose the deployment of two Mitsubishi wall-mounted air conditioning units, which would be more than adequate for reducing the overall temperatures in the room.

Once commissioned, the client was extremely pleased with the efficiency of the cooling system as well as the professionalism of our own staff. In fact, the client actually went out of their way to contact us and leave a positive testimony referencing how happy people in the department are with their new air conditioning system!

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Four in five office workers complain about the temperature, survey reveals

People in offices up and down the country have their personal pet hates, whether it’s listening to their co-walkers talk excessively, noisy eaters or any other everyday workplace frustration.

But a recently commissioned study has uncovered an extremely prevalent gripe among those working in an office environment – the temperature.

It has also been established that these so-called distractions cost companies an average of 22 minutes per day for every member of staff, proving that external factors can harm productivity.

Of the 1,000 people asked, an overwhelming majority of 82% admitted that becoming too hot or cold at work was a constant grievance.


Sir Cary Cooper, who specialises in workplace issues, concluded: “This is a big issue for the UK as it currently sits 7th in the G7 and 17th in the G20 on productivity per person, showing that these distractions could be causing a big impact.”

With summer now imminent, the stats suggest there is a good chance that your employees might be slowed down further by seasonal heat – although this is very avoidable!

To discuss the benefits of a fixed air conditioning system, or for a better understanding of how we can help you, call us today on 0800 731 88 33.

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Infographic: the impact of temperatures on athletes at the 2016 Games in Rio

The “greatest show on Earth” is starting to hot up in Brazil, with millions of people around the globe now casting their attention towards the track and field events. A lot has been made in the media about the adequacy of various venues ahead of the competition, but most people are also guilty of overlooking the potential impact the country’s notorious climate may have on proceedings.

Although you would be correct to assume that hot weather will cause long-distance runners to complete races more slowly, many will be surprised to discover the extent to which this is true. Did you know that every 5°F rise in temperatures above 60°F can lead to the average marathon runner losing speed by as much as 30 seconds per mile?

Every type of race has its own exclusive optimal temperature which will vary according to distance and location.

To highlight the effect climatic factors can have on an athlete’s performance, we at Andrews Air Conditioning have produced an infographic (see below) which highlights the perfect conditions for each individual event. Using the mean qualifying times of a broad array of competitors, we have been able to analyse the ideal temperature for sprinters, middle-distance and long-distance runners.

AAC Infographic

Unsurprisingly, there is a conclusive link between “peak conditions” being cooler the further you run. The above graphic summarises that there is roughly a 15°C difference between that of the 100m sprint and a full 26.2 mile marathon.

The material therefore adds a different dynamic to those attempting to predict the outcome of a particular contest – not to mention for those actually taking part! Day-time temperatures in Rio are expected to range between 24°C and 31°C over the coming week, with our research suggesting that his will be more conducive to a sprint race.

In theory, then, the likes of Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin should be well-equipped to set a sizzling pace when they step foot on the track, although it remains to be seen whether that will be the case!

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Is your air conditioning system ready for operation?

With summer fast approaching, now is the time to ensure your air conditioning is fully prepared for the changing seasons. If you only need your air conditioning for summer cooling then it has probably not been used for several months. During this period of inactivity condensation and dust may have accumulated on fans, filters and heat exchanger coils. This can often become a breeding ground for bacteria which creates sludge and unpleasant odours.

If you also use your air conditioning to provide winter heating, it has probably collected lots of dirt and grime during that period. The colder conditions, even in relatively mild winters, encourage us to keep windows and other ventilation tightly closed. This reduces the amount of fresh air entering your building, leading to higher concentrations of dust and other airborne pollutants. Air conditioning works by recirculating air within the internal space, progressively cooling or heating it in accordance with user-controlled settings. Therefore, any fine particles being carried by the air will naturally end up in the filters, fans and fins of your air conditioning.

Not only does this dirt, dust and fluff harbour bacteria and reduce airflow by clogging your system, it also prevents the efficient transfer of heat between the air and the refrigerant within heat exchanger coils. This increases running times, energy consumption and wear and tear – all of which ultimately cost you money.

Bournemouth Beach Dorset

In addition to thorough cleaning, now is also a good time to get the batteries in your remote controllers checked out, ensure the refrigerant charge is as it should be (repairing any leaks is a legal obligation) and to test thermostats and other controls to make sure they’re working efficiently.

One important and often-overlooked element of your air conditioning is the system of drains and pumps which deal with the moisture inevitably extracted from the air as it cools. Leaking condensate lines, trays and pumps are among the most common causes of air conditioning-related problems and often result in expensive damage to ceilings, floors and furnishings.

Annually-required air conditioning applications such as server rooms and IT suites put even greater pressure on your systems, and they are often also the very places where a breakdown would be most inconvenient. So if it’s some time since your air conditioning was last serviced, why not treat it to a spring clean from Andrews Air Conditioning? We’ll eliminate bacteria, neutralise any odours and give your system a thorough inspection for reliability and energy efficiency.

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London retail store benefit from improved air conditioning system

Before a new retail store could be opened near Camden, North London, a permanent air conditioning system was required to ensure customers and staff remained comfortable while on the premises. The shop itself was spread over two separate floors and was accompanied by several offices within the same building.

It was therefore essential that an appropriate cooling arrangement was sourced – one that could cater for the comfort of occupants in two separate working environments. The client outlined a number of rooms that would require heating and cooling equipment, and these were taken into consideration by the Andrews Air Conditioning specialist while a free site survey was conducted.

Retail store

After assessing the area’s specifications – and taking into account a number of confined spots that would restrict  the  positioning of condensing units – we proposed a suitable solution comprising of single, twin and triple split Daikin units. These provided the best air conditioning solution in this particular application and were preferred to conventional VRV models because of space restrictions.

The products we recommended provide end users with energy-efficient comfort cooling without the costs of selecting unnecessarily sophisticated technology.

Despite our client experiencing unrelated issues on their site, a team of Andrews experts were able to complete the installation well before the agreed deadline. They are now the beneficiary of one of the industry’s most advanced air conditioning schemes, providing accurate climate control all year round.

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